International Artist, Yn3 is what the game considers “new energy” and Inventor of the new wave of music call Beach-Hop. A worldly sound that feels and vibes like a mental getaway vacation to your dream destination but will still get your grandma dancing. Yn3 has a plethora of hits streaming from songs like the international smash “Relax Let Go” prod by Duke Williams , “Around The Globe” prod by Yn3 , “Girlfriend”, and many more standout records. His single “Twerk” was highlighted as an intro on “WWE Total Divas”. Sony and Rabbit is distributing his up-and-coming single, “Broken Love”. Fans from all social classes have had the opportunity to explore and enjoy his entertainment.

Yn3 live entertainment is a one-of-a-kind life changing experience. His entertainment package consists of an incredible controlling DJ who is very engaging with the audience, two (2) beautiful dancers, and the heart snatching vocals of Yn3. This total package gives the audience a roller coaster of musical excitement and fulfillment.

Yn3 has performed and toured in numerous locations from the east coast to the west coast at major venues, such as The Women’s Empowerment. He has performed opening acts on the following headlines, such as: “We Love the 90s” tour, national recording Artist “Rob Base” tour, “DMX” tour, and “The Freak Fest” tour. Some of the tours carried a crowd capacity of over 8,000 screaming fans.

Yn3’s goal is to bring clean great vibes and undeniable energy to more diverse audience by penetrating the entertainment industry with a new era of “live entertainment” attracting the College scene (Fraternity/Sorority Parties), special engagements, birthday parties, corporate events, wedding parties, outdoor festivals, and small private events. Yn3’s performance attracts those who want the live, energetic, and a personal engaging feel of a live concert without booking a large band or settling for a basic DJ. If you are in love with national recording acts like Black Eyed Peas or Justin Bieber then this is your guy. “Yn3” AKA “King of the Club Banga”.